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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your English

“5 tips to help you boost your English and pronunciation and gain great results in a short period of time.”

Watch the video by Hadar (photo, left) . . .

How to Understand Native Speakers Better (and Join the Fluency Challenge)

"In this video, we will discuss how to understand native speakers better (learn about intonation, reductions, dialects and how to practice and improve your listening skills). We'll also talk about how to pronounce words like: clearly, cappuccino, wonder vs. wander, how to say boss vs. buss, or words like: error, mirror, and horror."

Watch the video by Hadar (photo, left) . . .

How to Pronounce the American R Sound: American R Part 1

"In part 1 of this 3 part series on American R you will learn what to do with your tongue, lips and jaw to pronounce the R sound and we will practice the American R at the beginning of words."

Watch the YouTube video by Keenyn Rhodes . . .

T and D Sounds: American Accent Training for Indian Speakers

“Why is the Indian English accent so distinct from the American English accent? In this American English pronunciation video we talk about one of the reasons why these two accents are distinct. Retroflex consonants. This pronunciation pattern impacts how you pronounce several common sounds including t, d, n and l.”

Watch the YouTube video by Keenyn Rhodes (photo, left) . . .

An American Accent Tip to Help You Sound More Natural Today

“In this American accent quick tip lesson, you’ll learn how to sound more natural when making plans, scheduling appointments, or discussing events and even the weather! This is a tip you can learn today, practice tonight and use tomorrow!”

Watch the video by Keenyn Rhodes (photo, left) . . .

How to Improve Your American Accent: Understanding Schwa

"What the heck is SCHWA??? If your goal is to speak English like a native, you definitely want to know! In this American accent lesson, you'll learn all about this important sound and how it impacts the pronunciation of syllables in English words. . . ."

Watch the YouTube video by Keenyn Rhodes (photo, left) . . .