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The L in English – How to Get It Right! | Dark L | Light L

"Did you know that there are TWO L sounds in American English? And did you know that getting these L's  right is crucial for your clarity?"

Watch the video by Hadar Shemesh (photo, left) . . .

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Want to Sound More Native? Do This! Common Contractions in English Part 1: IS ARE AM

"If you really want to sound more natural and native in your spoken English you have to use contractions. I know it can seem counterintuitive, but contractions are essential in mastering the rhythm and flow of spoken English. In this lesson, part 1 in a 3-part series, we will practice contracting IS, ARE and AM. Stay tuned for the next 2 lessons in this series helping you to become aware of, and practice, the MOST common contractions in English."

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American English Pronunciation | P vs B | Pronounce a Perfect P Sound!!

"In this American English pronunciation lesson you will learn the key to the Perfect P sound and how P is different from B."

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How to Say ‘aw’ in a Word (Law vs. Low) | American English Pronunciation | Vowels

"Is there a difference between 'low' and 'law'? Learn how to pronounce 'aw' in words."

Watch the video by Hadar Shemesh (photo, left) . . .

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10 TED Talks on AI and Machine Learning

"How will AI reshape your career? Your health? Your ability to tell real from fake video? Recent TED talks explore some fascinating AI questions."

Kevin Casey (photo, left) put together the 10 TED videos at The Enterprisers Project.

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Are Your Students Prepared to Encounter Artificial Intelligence in the Job Search Process?

Are your students prepared to encounter artificial intelligence in the job search process? A growing number of companies now use AI (artificial intelligence) for recruiting and interviewing. more in Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition.

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Teach Your Business Communication Students about Intelligent Communication Technologies

Intelligent communication technologies are sweeping through business, but only one text explains how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing business communication. Get ready for the future with Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition.

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Augmented Writing, Cognitive Automation, Text Mining, and Augmented Ability Apps

Augmented writing, cognitive automation, text mining, and augmented ability apps are capabilities that were once the stuff of science fiction but are becoming everyday business tools. Get your students ready with Excellence in Business Communication, 13th edition.

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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your English

“5 tips to help you boost your English and pronunciation and gain great results in a short period of time.”

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Improve Your Students’ Knowledge of Interpersonal Communication

"Conversational skills, active listening, negotiation, conflict resolution, nonverbal communication, collaboration, and productive meetings—prepare students for the demands of workplace communication with Excellence in Business Communication's expanded coverage of interpersonal communication."

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