What Do These 2018 Business Communication Trends Mean for You?

". . . there are several trends shaping the business communications landscape. In this post, Videxio shares its take on seven key trends taking place today. Read on to make sure you’re ahead of the competition when it comes to these areas!"

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Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out — Be Afraid of Blending In

According to Liz Ryan (photo, left), "One of the biggest job-search mistakes you can make is to play it safe. The more you look and sound like every other job seeker, the worse your job search experience will be."

"The best way to get overlooked by employers is to brand yourself like an anonymous clone, put up with every kind of job search abuse and agree to every obnoxious demand an employer makes of you. This strategy will extend your job search, destroy your mojo and get you a lousy job. In short, it doesn't work very well!'

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Bovee and Thill

Explore Bovee and Thill’s photos and illustrations on Flickr!

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Courtland Bovee (@courtlandbovee) • Instagram Photos

Take a look at Courtland Bovee’s Instagram account with a focus on business communication, such as the custom-designed illustrations above.

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Teaching Management Communication

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Bovée and Thill’s Real-Time Updates, a Free Content Service That Keeps Textbooks Perpetually Current

Real-Time Updates is a proven resource for instructors and students, already with 2 million pageviews.

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Companies Are Hiring Playwrights and Poets to Write Meaningful AI

"When you talk to an AI chatbot, who do you think writes those professional, peppy responses? There’s certainly an algorithm behind the scenes, but humans put together those phrases. Tech companies are creating teams of writers, including playwrights, poets, and novelists, to help write lines that don’t sound like they came from a machine. The work can range from creating a consistent character for a chatbot, to inspiring an immersive virtual reality."

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Do You Know the Key Topics That Are Disrupting Business Communication Course Content and Altering Lectures?

See the content here.

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How to Be Sure Your Listeners Are “Getting It”

"Whether you are training, leading a meeting, or giving a formal presentation, effective speaking is more than just “telling.” It is also about making sure your listeners get the message you intend. To be sure your listeners understand and remember what you have said, select from these strategies, depending on the situation and your comfort level: . . .

Read the full article by Gail Zack Anderson (photo, left) . . .

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Changing Business Communication Texts? Use the Fast and Easy QuickSwitch Textbook Migration System

QuickSwitch makes it easy to identify the best Bovée & Thill textbook for your business communication course and then quickly build your syllabus and lesson plans with our exclusive system.


The system works in three stages:


  1. Selection Advice and Transition Guides: The three books in the Bovée & Thill series cover a wider range of course needs than any other business communication series, so you may find that more than one Bovée & Thill title is a potential replacement for your current text. We offer advice to help you choose the right book for your unique needs. After you’ve decided which book to use, the Transition Guide provides detailed information to help you move to your chosen book, including high-level mapping that shows how the table of contents of your current text maps to the Bovée & Thill book, detailed content mapping that shows where to find comparable content sections from your current book in the Bovée & Thill book, a terminology translator that explains any differences in how the two books use important terms, and activity mapping that shows where to find comparable assignments and other student projects. The guide also highlights new material and new activities available in your Bovée & Thill book that your current book doesn’t have.
  2. Syllabus Assistant: This interactive tool helps you generate a syllabus that makes the best use of your new Bovée & Thill title, including course outcomes, detailed assessment rubrics, and the framework for a course calendar. You can easily pull in content from your existing syllabus and add required material from your institution. After you’ve completed the online interview, the system generates a Word document that you can then customize and finalize as needed.
  3. Lesson Plan Assistant: Choose from a list of important topics that you’d like to cover, such as communicating with diverse audiences or writing routine and positive messages. These documents provide the background information to build a successful lesson, keyed to content in your new Bovée & Thill text, which you can then adapt to your teaching interests and the specific parameters of your course schedule.


Visit QuickSwitch now!

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