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Find Your Storytelling Style to Engage Your Audience

"Storytelling is an important part of being human. Stories connect us to each other; they create a bond. We all love to hear stories, but can we tell them?"

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The Best To-Do List Is Actually Your Calendar

"Follow this secret advice to better manage your schedule and time."

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The 7 Secrets of the Greatest Speakers in History

". . . In this masterful talk, [Richard Greene] explains how the great speakers in history use 7 secrets and how we can all become a great speaker by following these secrets and by not just giving a "speech" but rather creating "conversations" from the heart."

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Three Elements of Great Communication, According to Aristotle

"What makes someone a good communicator? There’s no mystery here, not since Aristotle identified the three critical elements — ethos, pathos, and logos. — thousands of years ago."

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What Do These 2018 Business Communication Trends Mean for You?

". . . there are several trends shaping the business communications landscape. In this post, Videxio shares its take on seven key trends taking place today. Read on to make sure you’re ahead of the competition when it comes to these areas!"

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Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out — Be Afraid of Blending In

According to Liz Ryan (photo, left), "One of the biggest job-search mistakes you can make is to play it safe. The more you look and sound like every other job seeker, the worse your job search experience will be."

"The best way to get overlooked by employers is to brand yourself like an anonymous clone, put up with every kind of job search abuse and agree to every obnoxious demand an employer makes of you. This strategy will extend your job search, destroy your mojo and get you a lousy job. In short, it doesn't work very well!'

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Bovee and Thill

Explore Bovee and Thill’s photos and illustrations on Flickr!

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Courtland Bovee (@courtlandbovee) • Instagram Photos

Take a look at Courtland Bovee’s Instagram account with a focus on business communication, such as the custom-designed illustrations above.

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Teaching Management Communication

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Bovée and Thill’s Real-Time Updates, a Free Content Service That Keeps Textbooks Perpetually Current

Real-Time Updates is a proven resource for instructors and students, already with 2 million pageviews.

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